The Hub is a great resource for student-members to experience IndED’s project-based learning model, while exploring the world of the Arts, Citizenship, Leadership, and Science/Technology. 


The Hub

hublrAn extension of the IndED academic programs, the Hub provides additional educational enrichment through afternoon (2:30-4 p.m.), for homeschoolers, as well as After-School (4-5:30 p.m.) programs in the Arts, Citizenship, and Science, plus Leadership Clubs which meet at least monthly. Here in our Downtown Leesburg center, students work in a creative space which provides the tools for creating, building, inventing and exploring in the areas of citizenship, leadership, entrepreneurship, arts and science/technology. Specialist mentors lead students in topics, and students also have opportunities to interact with their community through speakers, trips and real-world projects.

The Hub is available to the public through different membership levels, as well as by the class, or a package of classes which can be used as you see fit. We are currently serving students ages 8 to 12 (approx. grades 3-6), and will soon be adding ages 12-15 (approx. grades 7-9).

Hub Memberships (1, 2, or 3 days/wk):

Our After School Programs run daily from 4:00 to 5:30pm at the Hub in Downtown Leesburg. The Hub Membership allows the student to come one day a week, as well as access to any of our Clubs or Workshops(for kids and parents) on those days. Our After School Programs feature activities and workshops on:

Young Citizen Program (Starting March 14, 2017)

The IndED “Young Citizen” Program offers children a deeper understanding of community engagement and civic (and civil) discourse through creative and fun experiences. They will learn basic argument and debate skills, as well as how to explore topics and solve problems with people they disagree with. Public speaking, persuasion, and community service are also amongst the ideas explored, every week. The “Young Citizen” Program will have special guests, including local public leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders. Based on student interest, they will form teams to accomplish community service projects and different formats for engagement and conversation.

Our First Guest for March 21st is Hugh Forsythe, a two-star Air Force General, and the newest member of the Leesburg, VA, Town Council.


Seeing the World Through the Arts — Wednesdays (Starting March 15, 2017)

learning history and culture from art

Seeing the World through the Arts uses visual, music, and performing arts as lenses for discovery. Between visiting artists, and mini-field trips to local arts-related businesses, there are unique opportunities to experience the world through the eyes of artists, and experience history, the world, science, and humanity through the arts.  A good percentage of the time is “Open Studio” time to work on projects they have in process, from sculpture, paint, drawing, fibre, and more!

Come to our March 15 session and check out Children’s Yoga, with Brigitta White!


Homework Happy Hour– Thursdays (Starting March 16, 2017)

space-astronomy-science-planetsHomework Happy Hours are a creative way for students to get some of the awesome benefits of a personalized education at the Hub. We’ll have workshops on time management and organizational skills, financial awareness, etc, as well as the “communication station” to help with writing, speaking, reading, thinking, and listening skills.  Thursdays are also a time to work on Science projects for school, as well as a variety of experiments through “Open Lab.” Students will also have access to our “Open Studio” and “MakerCitizen”* tools for building, interacting and growing as a lifelong learner.

First speaker for Homework Happy Hour is Linda Black with LifeMark securities, who will be doing a workshop on Financial Awareness, as part of our Spring, “Teach Your Children Well” series.

(*The IndED “MakerCitizen” Program lets students work in teams or three or four in creating “maker” projects. Students use graph paper, circuit kits, CAD programming, Legos, and a significant amount of gray matter working out solutions to basic problems. The students are steeped in the basics of circuits, 2D scales, 3D modeling and printing, basic circuits and electronics. Along the way they learn how to work as a team, take on problems and solve them, then can move on to developing some of their own programs and projects, and seeking to expand and improve their City, the community, and the world around them (More details coming soon).)


(*The Clubs paradigm at IndED is currently going through some changes, so stay tuned, and pay special attention to “Homework Happy Hour” on Thursdays.*)

The Club membership allows a student to be a member of one or more IndEd Clubs, which meet once or twice a month, as well as access to workshops for kids and parents, all at the Hub in Downtown Leesburg.

Our clubs meet from 5:30 to 7:00. Though they vary in theme, they all have three things in common:

  1. They are fun, interactive, and stimulating.
  2. They encourage project-based learning, teamwork, and healthy competition.
  3. Help develop lifelong communication and life skills.

Entrepreneur Club:

Students carefully weighing their next business opportunity.
At the Hub, carefully weighing their next business idea.

For ages 8 to 12, our Entrepreneur Club allows kids to:

  • Learn basic business and economics vocabulary
  • Apply and interview for jobs
  • Learn how to seek opportunities to serve their community
  • Determine a company’s identity and create a business plan
  • Present to a bank and/or “venture capitalists” to seek funding
  • Keep track of finances and learn the meaning of profit
  • Create a marketing and branding campaign
  • Sell a product or service

Check out our calendar for the scheduled meetings; generally the Entrepreneur Club meets on the second Thursday of every month from 4:00 to 5:30pm at the MicroEd Hub in Downtown Leesburg.

Improv Club:

For ages 8 to 12, our Improv Club, brought to IndED by StageCoach Theatre Company, helps members to:

  • Learn the basics of improvisational theatre
  • Sharpen listening and communication skills
  • Enhance problem solving and deductive reasoning
  • Develop leadership and communication style
  • Improve presentations and negotiations
  • Boost spontaneity and creativity

Check out our calendar for the scheduled meetings; the Improv Club meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00 at the MicroEd Hub in Downtown Leesburg.



IndED strives to be a part of the community and is proud to support other local non-profits and businesses who support Independent, engaging and inspirational learning.


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