To Teach…Or Inspire?

We all want our children to learn, grow, and flourish.  In this crazy-fast information age, knowledge is found everywhere.  So, how do we know what information we should be teaching our children?  Do we focus on what WE know and try to impart that knowledge through teaching them certain information?  Is this the most effective way to see that our children reach THEIR potential?  Or…is a better approach to gauge what a child WANTS to learn by guiding, or mentoring them in this endeavor?  Paula M. Cohen, in her article titled, “Teaching vs. Mentoring” shared this insightful statement about teachers vs. mentors. “A subtle but important difference distinguishes mentors and teachers.  A teacher has greater knowledge than a student; a mentor has greater perspective.”

Can our students really reach their true potential if we are simply imparting knowledge to them by teaching facts and figures?  Or should we be focusing on mentoring our youth, inspiring them, encouraging them to seek the knowledge THEY desire, so that they can fulfill their own destiny?  Do we want to teach great ideas to our children…or inspire them to do great things?

Something to think about…

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