Class Update for September

The first third of our “What it Means to be a Citizen” class has been a great delight. Our students began by learning about the foundations of our country and had some good discussions on why the colonists desired a new form of government.

Next was the task of “founding” their own country, complete with a government, constitution, and economic resources. We are using this newly founded country throughout the course to compare and contrast with the concepts and ideals of the democratic republic style of government found in the United States.

Next, we identified their individual strengths and learned how to use these strengths to develop goals for their future. In the coming classes, they will be able to recognize that, while each of their individual strengths vary, they can all work together to contribute to a community.

Week four allows us to explore the process of forming a new business and developing a business plan. The students have been amazingly engaged and we look forward to seeing what the coming weeks will bring!

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