Service as a Critical Part of Citizenship


In this Spring’s “What It Means to Be a Citizen” class, we discussed the responsibilities we have as citizens, including the duty to help those in need. The class decided to participate in a service project, brainstormed a couple of ideas, and settled on helping to serve dinner at the Loudoun Emergency Shelter. The shelter houses families and individuals who are in need of assistance. They can stay at the shelter while they are getting back on their feet.

When we got to the shelter, the kids were put to work in setting up the tables and chairs, putting plates and cups out. They then helped make baked beans and sliced up tomatoes. When it came time for dinner, the kids were in charge of drinks. They asked people what they would Ike to drink and then served them their choice. After everyone had been served the kids went around and asked if anyone would want seconds and served them the food. Since one of the students had chosen a bakery as his entrepreneurial endeavor, he chose to bring fresh baked goods, and the other students brought dessert as well, which they distributed as well.

This summer in our “Learn to Serve” Camp, we’re excited to take on another group of students to give them the opportunity to develop their own project for the community.

The “Learn to Serve” Camp goes from June 27 to July 1, from 8:30 to 3:30pm at the MicroEd Hub in Downtown Leesburg.

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