Chelsea Svendsen, Newest IndED Mentor

I’m excited to be joining the IndEd team! I believe that this model of individualized, project based education is exactly what our children, parents, and teachers need.

Education should feed the intellectual hunger Aristotle referred to when he said “All men by nature desire to know.” That is a powerful foundation to build a philosophy of education on. Yes, I’m sure that at some point, every teacher has wished their students desired to know half of what they were attempting to teach them! But the point is that many teachers look at a squirmy, disinterested 12 year old boy and assume that the hunger for learning does not exist in that child, when instead, they should be questioning whether or not the form of education the child has been packed into has suppressed their innate “desire to know.”

What I appreciate about IndED’s philosophy of education is that it is based on that simple presupposition: that a child desires to learn and to know. Learning will not always be easy and enjoyable, but it must be fruitful. If we as parents and educators are not spurring our children to wonder more deeply, ask more questions, think more critically, and grow in their desire to understand the world they live in, then something is wrong with our method of education.

Of course the million dollar question is how we as as educators and parents determine the proper method of education. STEM, STREAM, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori– there are so many different approaches to education, and unsurprisingly, not a single “one size fits all” model. What I love about homeschooling is that it embraces that dilemma instead of running from it. Homeschooling doesn’t dictate a specific method, it encourages parents to explore what works for their child, and to view education as holistic lifestyle, rather than something that can only occur inside of four walls, between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:00 pm.

I have always considered myself blessed to have been educated at home. Now as a parent myself, I realize what an immense sacrifice my parents made to give me that. Between jobs, conflicting schedules, lesson planning, and even just choosing curriculum,  homeschooling can seem overwhelming. For many families, individualized education is the best fit, but the parents are intimidated by the fact that they just aren’t “into” education–they aren’t experts in STEM vs Montessori. Those parents can still be good homeschool educators! I am blessed to have witnessed many forms of home education over the years, and I love seeing how different families fit homeschooling into their lifestyle. I truly believe that for the majority of families, the challenge of homeschooling is well worth it, and I can’t wait to help parents navigate those challenges.

Chelsea is our newest Academy Mentor addition. Her role is establishing the tailor-made Personalized Learning Plans for each student, and ensuring that the individual needs of each child are met. Additionally, Independent Achievement Units are utilized to enhance the students’ educational process.

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