Homeschooling Builds Confidence

When people think of homeschooling there are many perceptions that come to mind, and some are inaccurate. Some people believe that kids won’t be able to develop good social skills if they are homeschooled. This is a huge misperception, and it doesn’t reflect the reality that we see in the homeschooling community and among parents that choose to homeschool their kids.

At IndED, our experience is that homeschooling can actually help shy students become more comfortable in group settings and empower them to be more confident in social interactions. Homeschooling often provides the safe and comfortable environment necessary for children to open up, share their enthusiasm and be themselves.

We respect the role of homeschooling in our students’ academic development, and IndED helps parents develop better homeschool programs for their kids. We also offer great opportunities to bring the world to our students, with interactive community activities, labs and workshops.

Homeschooling doesn’t isolate kids from the world. It actually opens the door to better opportunities for them to explore and interact with others, without being tied down to a particular desk or classroom. At IndED, we offer a variety of courses and microschool programs that bring our students together with other kids. They learn with hands-on activities, they learn to cooperate with one another and they develop great communication skills, traits that are often lost and discouraged in traditional education systems.

Our students aren’t limited by the standard experience that kids encounter at private or public schools. IndED classes often include children of different ages and skill levels all working together to achieve the same goal or level of understanding. This approach helps break down the isolation and limitations that many kids experience in modern schools, and opens the door for kids to learn better while making new friends. Contact us today to find out how IndED can help enhance your child’s education, confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

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