Our garden program is taking root at IndED!

We’re excited to announce that our garden program is taking root at IndED!

We owe thank yous to a couple people for making this happen. The hardworking folks at the Embark Center for Self-Directed Education helped us construct these planter boxes in our backyard. These raised beds will be perfect for growing herbs and vegetables. Thank you to the Embark Center volunteers!

Second, thank you to Dawn from House Cleaning Heroes for helping us create a list of potential crops! Dawn helped us think strategically about which plants help each other grow and require similar levels of soil acidity. She helped us come up with good composting items, and taught us about Northern Virginia’s Plant Hardiness Zone, a USDA standard that indicates plants that are likely to thrive in our climate. Thank you to Dawn for helping our new program sprout!

Stay tuned for more updates from the backyard as our gardening program blooms. In the meantime, check out the other creative and educational classes we offer at IndED here.

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