Great Conversation(s)

One of the central missions of IndED is instilling skills and knowledge in the area of Civic Engagement. To that end, IndED partnered up with Loudoun Youth in creating “DCUB3D” a discussion forum for teenager in Loudoun County. The Hub in Downtown Leesburg also serves as the monthly meeting place for the Better Angels Loudoun County Alliance.

Starting this month, IndED is reaching further and expanding our civic engagement mission to include adults as well. For months in Loudoun County, new ways for adults to engage with each other on important issues of the day have been emerging. Loudoun Interfaith Bridges has been carrying on “Neighborhood Conversations” on race and ethnicity; Better Angels, a national organization launched their Loudoun Alliance to further their mission fighting polarization with their signature “red-blue workshops.”

To that end, IndED through our new initiative, Great Conversations, wishes to support as many different avenues of deliberation and thoughtful discussion as we can. Great Conversation is launching a Chess Club at Delirium Cafe, starting July 20, and “That Club” a monthly dinner club for those who want to casually discuss the affairs of the day over a bite to eat (the purpose of That Club…”is to dine.”). In the fall, Great Conversations will launch its first “Great Books” Club, where interested citizens can converge and dig through the Western Canon and do the hard work of talking through the ideas of yesterday, to address the issues of today, and work for a better tomorrow.

All of these efforts are part of IndED’s mission to develop critical thinking in the minds of our youth, and the body politic as a whole. We appreciate your support. If you’re interested in joining a conversation… or more importantly THE GREAT Conversation, please do so by joining the Facebook Group; if you’re interested in supporting it in any way, please contact us.

Also, put September 15th on your calendar (3pm to 6pm). We’ll be hosting a Constitution Day Picnic for Great Conversations right here in Leesburg.

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