Personalized Learning: What Does it Mean?

There have been some concerns about Loudoun Valley High’s recent foray into “Personalized Learning”:

Followed by an editorial regarding the aftermath of a meeting held with little access from media, or students (ironically):

This is actually fairly predictable: you can’t have Personalized Learning in an environment built from the ground up on behaviorism and stimulus/response. It’s not possible. The above video is the IndED take on Personalized Learning.

“Everyone is abuzz about personalized learning. Though it is valuable for students to have agency over their learning, there is scant evidence it can be done with LESS direction or focus. Kids are in need of CLEARER direction and a definable set of goals. At IndED, we take personalized learning to mean getting to know each student not only in terms of how they learn, but in terms of what they learn and why. We do this the only way we can: from a place of LOVE and with clear PURPOSE. If loving guidance is a priority for you, ask us about our Living Learning Plans.”

(If you need to find out more, check out our Microschool Program.)

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