Homeschool is Life

We took some time with our families to enjoy food and fellowship to celebrate the end of the school year. The main theme of a good chunk of our conversations:

Homeschooling is not a “Thing.” Homeschooling is Life:

You may not have realized it, but you have been homeschooling every day. When you teach your child to brush her teeth, THAT is homeschooling. When you show him how to look someone in the eye and shake their hand, THAT is homeschooling.  In life, there’s no test at the end of the week…just more life. At IndED NO parent is alone. Every family gets the support of the IndED community as we work to translate academics to to LIFE, so FAMILIES gain the confidence needed to homeschool their child. We’re not only here to support your child’s development, but to foster your abilities as a homeschooling parent. Come find out for yourself.

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