The MicroSchool Solution

The families of IndED have addressed the conundrum of an affordable, high-quality, personalized education head on: it’s called a “MicroSchool”… 

This is done in three steps:

Step one is to become a “homeschooler”… this can be daunting, but in the end, parents are in charge of learning, and that means kids get to spend a sizable amount of their time with family.

Step two is plug into IndED’s wholesome, engaging, and challenging classes; special guests, and trips for three days a week; the kids explore Great Ideas; and parents get support with organizing, planning, growing and becoming the best learning family they can be.

Step three is to wonder at how valuable family time is, wonder at how much more the kids can learn when they have more time to explore their interests, and wonder why it took so long to take this leap.

In this way, we educate as part of the community and not apart from it; we teach students, through conversation, as many ways as possible to become a life-long learner; and we do it all in a way that REWARDS families for wanting to be involved in learning together.

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