Meaningful Relationships Over “Socialization”

The first assertion when you bring up homeschooling: “Well you need to make sure the child is ‘socialized.’” What does that mean? Socialization, after all, is a neutral term. Teenagers join gangs every day, and are definitely being socialized for something. So, socialize them how? At IndED we are committed to building good character and sound communication skills. We make sure that students get to interact with their community; we seek truth through conversation and discourse, and in using our moral imagination. In the end, sharing this search with others is a road to MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS. If you seek more than just “socialization,” ask us about our Civics and Community course or full-curricular program.

(The video is of our Fall Cooking class, where we took on a local chef, Daniela Williams of Cucinamore, to help share the joy of cooking.)

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