Recess – Are We Asking the Right Question?

Recess is not exercise. It’s not P.E. It’s not even “socialization” time. It’s a break…a “suspension of business”… The question is not how much recess time kids should have, but how much “structured” class time should they have, and what should be in it. In the end, recess is actually about choice. The kids get to choose how to spend their time, not someone else, and (BIG SHOCK) not everyone is going to choose the same thing. They may choose… to work more. To learn more. To do nothing. Or just something. But they have the choice. So a) you better spend some teaching about making good choices, and b) if you want to find out what makes kids tick, pay attention to what they do… when they have a choice.. But seriously… 30 minutes? … A day? Please…

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