What Has IndED Been Up To?

“What’s IndED up to?” you’re wondering… Well, we’re visiting with local citizens who are helping their community with CERT training and Amateur Radio.

We’re printing up headbands for face shields for front line healthcare workers through the local MakerSpace as well as IndED’s fancy new 3D Printer. http://makersmiths.org

We’re learning about the Yahi tribe in California through “Ishi…”

We’re learning how energy is generated through hydroelectric power and more about the power grid.

We’re learning how to cook with Daniela Moro Williams with Cucinamore, LLC – Italian Cooking Parties. http://cucinamore.net

We’re diving into some Coding with the The Coder School – Ashburn. https://www.thecoderschool.com/locations/ashburn/

We’re supporting Tree of Life with delivering food this weekend to needy families in Leesburg. http://tolministries.org/

We’re supporting the Education outreach and marketing efforts of the George C. Marshall International Center while they’re gearing up for exciting virtual events over the Spring and Summer. https://www.georgecmarshall.org/

We’re doing P.E. over Zoom! with GamePoint Athletics so the kids can stay active. https://gamepointathletics.com

We have the new “NanoSchools” option for kids stuck at home from their conventional school due to the shutdown. https://inded.us/2020/03/14/home-with-the-kids/

And… last but not least, we’ve launched “Great Books” discussion groups ( Great Conversation(s)) for busy moms and dads who want to learn more about the ideas which have animated Western Civilization for about 2500 years… complete with movie, music, and art selections for each week. https://www.facebook.com/groups/greatconversations.us/

What have you guys been up to?

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