Announcing “The Best Education of a Lifetime Is…”

Our new Course, launched January 13th called:

“The Best Education of a Lifetime is…”

Helena Syska and Butch Porter are guiding a few families through a 6 week course on becoming life-long learners.

It’s open to all families with school age kids (public, private, and homeschooled) and is available exclusively on our Great Conversation(s) Network which you can join for free ( ).

The class is available EXCLUSIVELY on the “IndED Community” group on the Network… the Network gives families ongoing access to many of our unique homeschooling tools and gives them a chance to upgrade for personalized support within the IndED NanoSchool!

Here’s the outline of the course:

Six, one hour sessions. 45 minutes with 15 minute Q&A
1) Your Teaching Philosophy
2) Teaching as an Art, and an act of Love
3) Buyer’s Remorse; How you bought THEIR education plan
4) House or Home; Solid education happens at home
5) Making learning not seem like school
6) Your child’s unique, Life-long Learning Plan

For more information, join the “Great Conversation(s)” network¬†(the best place on the net to have meaningful conversations about complex issues and to find opportunities for in-person get-togethers to do the same) and find the “IndED Community” Group and join for only $19.99 a month.

If you have questions ahead of time, get in touch with us in the below form. We can even schedule a phone call or live video conference:

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