Joy, Hope, and Love at Christmas

Regardless of how we see, or celebrate, Christmas it is undeniably a time of year where we tend to take seriously the world and our place in it. We find ourselves being forced to take a break from what we do for a living and put some thought into living a good life. We leave, just for a little while, a world dominated by information and seek something in the way of wisdom… and truth. While the “holidays” are surrounded by commercialization — fashion, fad, fanfare, and frivolity — at some point we stop and appreciate… love… and beauty. 

We hit the New Year striving to be great! But if we’ve approached the season with enough humility and temperance, we know that being great is secondary to the yearning for what is good and just. In lieu of fame or pleasures or fun we pace ourselves to pursue happiness and meaning.If we are blessed enough to have family to spend this season with, we are thankful for that. We must keep our hearts open to those who aren’t as lucky, making sure we are a light in our communities where those in need can find JOY in human connection, and in that joy gain HOPE for a brighter and better future, and a real and abiding knowledge that: God is love.

And if we can be that JOY to others, hope for others and help them receive and foster that hope and love, then we have found something truly meaningful in this thing we casually call… “the holidays.”So from our family to yours, may your Christmas be filled with JOY, HOPE, and LOVE, and know that whatever the next year brings, we’re here to share it with you. We pledge in the new year to, every day, give all that we have and all that we are to the honest search for what is VIRTUOUS, BEAUTIFUL, and TRUE in the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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