The IndED Philosophy

"To give all students an independent path to life-long learning as productive citizens, leaders and thinkers."

IndED’s mission is to give all students an independent path to life-long learning as productive citizens, leaders and thinkers. We believe that "cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body." Therefore, IndED prepares students for their futures through personalized, classical and project-based learning experiences led by dedicated Mentors.

At our hub in Downtown Leesburg, we offer comprehensive programs in Science, the Arts, and Civics, which can be taken a la carte or as part of our complete “microschool” education.


Our Microschool program offers:

  • A strong, classical educational foundation enhanced by project-based learning and personalized learning plans
  • Real-world community service experiences
  • Mentor-driven engaged learning environment
  • Small class sizes; multi-age classrooms
  • Flexible tuition

In addition, we offer additional enrichment programs and activities:

  • Microschool Core and Specialty courses for homeschoolers
  • Afterschool programs for all
  • Summer camps
  • An annual conference for Independent Education

Meet Our Team

Specialist Mentors in the Arts, Citizenship and Sciences
These are the mentors who make it happen at IndED through our Homeschool , Afterschool and Special Programs.

Our Partners, Guest Speakers & Hosts

IndED takes a lot of pride in connecting with our community and making sure that as many of our community leaders, innovators, and professionals are involved in our programs. Below are the folks who have been kind enough to either host some of our students or be a guest speaker for our programs.

Watch Our Video

To learn more about IndED, watch our video on The IndED Method for helping create a tailor-made, relevant, and engaging education for the modern K-12 student: