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IndED is a “MicroSchool” enterprise, founded in 2016 serving homeschool families through personalized, inquiry-driven, community-centered learning experiences, led by dedicated and passionate Mentors. We offer counseling to parents in getting the most out of their homeschooling experience, engaging classes with opportunities to experiment, discuss, and create.

IndED approaches students, not as resumes to be built or GPAs to be calculated, but children of God, with purpose and meaning. We hope not to arm them with information in order to be great and "make the world a better place"; instead we stand beside them in a pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, in order to be good, and form up themselves, and form relationships with others in that pursuit.


Independent Education holds the key to connected communities, and life-long learning for families based on relationships, community, and liberty.
To be a part of our Mission and Vision, learn more about the IndED Community.


  • * In a society which defines us by how we make our living, we seek a life well-lived. 
  • * In a world dominated by information, we seek wisdom and truth. 
  • * Surrounded by fashion, stylization, and fad, we seek love and beauty. 
  • * While striving to be great, we yearn most for what is good and just. 
  • * In lieu of fame or pleasures, we pursue happiness and meaning.

We pledge every day to give all we have and all we are to the honest search for what is virtuous, beautiful and real in the world, lest we be faced with the prospect of explaining to our grandchildren … what once was.


Our MicroSchool and NanoSchool offers:

    • * A strong, "great-ideas" educational foundation enhanced by project-based learning and Living Learning Plans (LLPs)
    • * Real-world community and learning experiences
    • * Mentor-driven engaged learning environment
    • * Small class sizes; multi-age classrooms
    • * Flexible tuition

In addition, we offer Core and Specialty courses for homeschoolers  a la carte (starting back Fall of 2021).

IndED Community

Launched Jan. 13, 2021, the IndED Community  offers:

  • * Exclusive regular live conferences calls and webinars on a variety of education topics.
  • * Links, tips, ideas, resources for finding and using educational tools for the whole family
  • * Special deals for kid-related businesses and resources (online or local in-person)
  • * A community of supportive families, mentors, and service providers who share the IndED mission
  • * The "Great Conversation(s) Network" where "kids" of all ages can engage with each other outside of the overly marketed social media landscape with members of their community.

“The Best Education of a Lifetime Is…” Course

The Best Education of a Lifetime Is... Course - a six part series on getting the most joy, peace, and fulfillment out of your learning journey.

  • 1) Your Teaching Philosophy
    2) Teaching as an Art, and an act of Love
    3) Buyer’s Remorse; How you bought THEIR education plan
    4) House or Home; Solid education happens at home
    5) Making learning not seem like school
    6) Your child’s unique, Life-long Learning Plan


William “Butch” Porter is a Louisiana native and graduate of Physics/Astronomy from Louisiana State University. He worked for a college marketing internship through a publishing company out of Nashville, TN, helping college students earn college credit and prepare themselves for leadership in the work world through marketing and communication skills in the sale of educational books for K-12 students.

Butch is a 2008 graduate of Leadership Loudoun, former President of the Leesburg Downtown Business Association, held a four-year term on the Town of Leesburg Economic Development Commission, and is a long-time active member of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce. He lives in Leesburg, VA with his wife and two children.
Butch is the Managing Member and one of the founders of IndED. Butch mentors our Civics and Community Program and offers support to many other programs at the Hub.

Helena has thirty years of experience in education, consulting and corporate training. She loves teaching, mentoring and inspiring others to love learning. She graduated from George Mason University and her graduate work is from George Washington University. She established an award-winning science program and STEM initiatives and served on various committees while teaching for the Diocese of Arlington.

Helena has served as an adjunct lecturer at Northern Virginia Community College, as academic dean for a career school and held the position of Executive Director of the Loudoun Education Foundation which she took through the visioning and goal setting process. In the capacity of Vice President of Academic Affairs, she worked for regional accreditation and degree-conferring status for what is now Stratford University. Helena represented the Sterling District on the Loudoun County Planning Commission for three terms and has been involved in many initiatives in her community, earning her several awards. She and her husband have raised five children in Sterling, VA and spend their time between Loudoun and Richmond, VA.
Helena mentors our “Thinking Like a Scientist” Program and "Writing and Language Arts" programs , as well as acts as our Mentor for our "full-curricular" students.