Mentors Needed at IndED

Independent Education (IndED) seeks to change what it means to be a “teacher”, and establish a new standard for personalized, inspiring, “Great Ideas” education. All of our courses and programs involve multi-age classrooms with between 5 and 15 students. Currently ages range from 8 to 15.

We are looking for three different types of Mentors:

SPECIALISTS and SERVICE PROVIDERS: teach different survey courses and labs at our Hub in Downtown Leesburg. We have three “core” courses covering: citizenship (government, business, and communication), writing and the arts (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, poetry, and theatre), and sciences (scientific reasoning, physical sciences, life sciences). Survey courses are ongoing and growing.

NanoSchool / MicroSchool MENTORS have the task of teaching a small full-curriculum, multi-age classroom (sometimes virtual, and often asynchronous), which form the core of the IndED system. They also have the opportunity to consult with parents, advise on materials and resources, and create a Lifelong Learning Plan for each student, along with a system and/or schedule for families in home-instruction. Position is between 15 and 20 hours a week, supporting a 33 week “school” year between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

SPECIAL GUESTS SPEAKERS from the business, non-profit, public, and government community have the opportunity to share their passion and expertise with some of our Members on an ongoing basis. It can be a guest-spot on the “Rules of the Game Podcast” Education Spotlight on our new IndED Community, or up to a 4-week, 75 minutes per week course on our Great Conversation(s) Network.

Attributes of an IndED Mentor:
  • Loves to learn; to seek truth, beauty, and good; and to share it with others
  • Is organized and dependable
  • Enjoys working with a variety of people in a variety of situations
  • Understands the benefits of private and homeschooling or is/has been a homeschooler
  • Has business experience and/or is willing to learn and has the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Accepts and promotes the Vision and Mission of IndED.
  • Is technologically savvy: online collaboration tools, email, excel, word, social networking, mobile apps, e-readers, etc.

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