IndED Community

Introducing IndED Community!

Need a little sanity check in your home life with school-aged kids? You are not alone; welcome to the IndED community.

LAUNCHED January 13, 2021, the IndED Community gives members access to:

  • * Exclusive regular Zoom calls and webinars with members and with special guests to discuss a variety of education topics.
  • * Links, tips, ideas, resources for finding and using educational tools for the whole family
  • * Special deals for kid-related businesses and resources (online or local in-person)
  • * The Best Education of a Lifetime Is... Course - a six part series on getting the most joy, peace, and fulfillment out of your learning journey. (*Absolutely FREE for new IndED Community Members joining before February 15.)
  • * A community of supportive families, mentors, and service providers who share the IndED mission
  • * The "Great Conversation(s) Network" where kids of all ages can engage with each other on current events through:
    • - Dinner Clubs and Coffee Klatsches
    • - Great Ideas Through the Arts Discussion Groups (teens and adults)
    • - DCub3D - Discuss, Debate, Discover - live online Teen discussion groups on the affairs of the day with an adult moderator.

Real people with real answers to help your family spark conversation, or discover something new.  If you're not too careful, you may even learn something fun together!

GET STARTED RIGHT NOW  for only $19.99 a month (You'll be asked to join the free "Great Conversation(s) Network" (the best place on the net for thoughtful discussions on the complex issues of the day), and if you've already joined, just look for the "IndED Community" Group under "Groups"... )

Families with school-age kids (ages 10-18) will also have the option to upgrade to more specialized services and the "IndED NanoSchool," with an IndED Mentor* to help hold the kids accountable, math support, and even Life-long Learning Plans. For homeschool families, we'll be offering FULL-curricular support... Stay tuned.
*If you're interested in becoming a mentor or learning more about bringing IndED NanoSchool services to YOUR community, please check out the Career Page.