The Guild @Loudoun Field Center

For the 2022-2023 school year, Mr Porter is supporting the launch of The Guild at Loudoun Field Center, which is an innovative approach to education where Students, Parents, Mentors, and the community are brought together in the genuine search for Wisdom and Good in the world. In the process, we seek to prepare young people to hit the ground running on that fateful day: when they turn 18.

The Guild:


Founded in 2021, the Loudoun Field Center is designed to:

Escape: … from the draining and twisted hustle and bustle of resume building and “self-image” management.
Equip: Provide what is needed for young adults in the real-world.
Empower: Ensure students’ acceptance of self-agency — Authority with Responsibility.
Engage: Create and foster opportunities to explore one’s capabilities and leverage failure into expanding abilities.


The Loudoun Field Center sees our young adults intentionally taking on the challenges of the modern world with clear purpose and meaning.

Core Values

  • In a society which defines us by how we make our living, we seek a life well-lived. 
  • In a world dominated by information and “image,” we are on a life-long pursuit of happiness, wisdom and truth.
  • We develop our entire self — mind, body and spirit — and use our agency responsibly.
  • In order to be connected to the community we engage with it and pursue good within and through it.
  • While striving to be great in our endeavors, we yearn most for what is good, just and meaningful.