IndED offers a complete Microschool program to enhance your child’s homeschooling.

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Standardization in education is the rule of the day. Both public and private schools have standardized curriculum, standards of learning and standardized tests. However, it’s unclear where all of these “standard model” kids are!

If your child is not a standard model kid, then there is little reason to give them a standardized education.

But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could create a wholesome, relevant, comprehensive program, one that helps to cultivate a homeschool atmosphere that breathes and expresses life-long learning, and have the flexibility and precious time with your kids that homeschooling provides, but without having to do it all by yourself, or having to drive all over Creation to cobble together a complete curriculum?

And what if, instead of keeping students isolated from the world around them, we brought them out into the world, and brought important local leaders and innovators to them?

IndED’s Microschool program provides a complete system with content that is community-centered and personalized for each student. We ensure that parents are intimately involved and in control of their children’s education without sacrificing having outside mentors, guides, and friends.

Our program provides an easy transition for families who are new to the homeschool concept, and we enhance the quality of existing homeschool plans for those already on that path.

Children ages 9-15 (4th to 9th grade) have the opportunity to engage in dynamic and community-centric programs such as Science, the Arts and Civics. Our families work with a mentor who creates a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) for each child. The PLP covers core resources that students use at home for writing, math, and reading, as well as science, arts, civics and special projects that students work on at IndED.

Families also have opportunities to use the learning space during unscheduled time, subject to availability.To learn more about this unique program, please contact us below to start the conversation.

The MicroSchool Learning