IndED NanoSchool

IndED NanoSchool — Winter 2020-2021

Who is IndED?

IndED is an education consulting firm founded in 2015, serving homeschool families through personalized, community-centered learning experiences, led by dedicated and passionate Mentors. We offer planning and consultation to parents to help them get the most out of their homeschooling experience, and engaging classes for students with opportunities to experiment, discuss, and create relationships.

The Owner and Director is Butch Porter, graduate with a BS Physics/Astronomy from Louisiana State University, and a Masters in Business from the University of South Carolina. He supports the Math program, the “Civics and Community” program, and other Partnerships with IndED. Butch is a 2008 graduate of Leadership Loudoun, former President of the Leesburg Downtown Business Association, held a four-year term on the Town of Leesburg Economic Development Commission. 


Our MicroSchool Mentor is Helena Syska, who supports Writing and Language Arts, Science, and designs the students’ “Living Learning Plans” (LLP). Helena has thirty years of experience in education, consulting and corporate training. She graduated from George Mason University, and her graduate work is from George Washington University. She established an award-winning science program and STEM initiatives and served on various committees while teaching for the Diocese of Arlington.

What is a NanoSchool?

A small group of students in a virtual, predominantly “non-synchronous” classroom. We start with a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics, coupled with a project-based, shared-inquiry approach to topics in the Sciences and Humanities, and an optional, tailored Living Learning Plan (LLP) guided by an IndED Mentor. 

IndED seeks to advance students’ Intellectual Acumen, Character Development, and Communication Skills in a comfortable, interactive learning environment.

Program includes:

  • -Guided reading and comprehension of excellent literature selections
  • -Techniques for strengthening writing, including prompts and evaluations
  • -Math support through an online program, and live consultation as needed
  • -Task management useful for the whole family
  • -Projects developed to student’s interests, including project monitoring and support

The NanoSchool will launch on Monday Nov. 30, please fill out the form below to start your journey.

In order to participate, students must 1) register as homeschoolers with their state/county/school districts, 2) fill out an evaluation/intake form (probably attached), and 3) participate in a live consultation (in person or video conference) to determine the needs and interests of the student and how the whole family can get the most out of the experience. The NanoSchool is 100% remote. IndED will be evaluating options over the Winter to determine if we can resume “in person” learning.

What others have to say about the IndED Experience:

Katherine — IndED Mom
My kids loved the stimulation they received at IndED. Not a regurgitation of information but actually learning how to learn and critically think through a process from beginning to end. Wonderful instruction and great outcomes!

Dawn — IndED Mom
My son started homeschooling in the sixth grade and I just felt he need a little extra boost with math and science. IndED offered a relaxed program with just enough structure to keep my son on target. Not only was he able to attend two days a week, the one-on-one guidance with the highly qualified teachers really helped build his confidence in these subjects. Highly recommend IndED to those parents who just feel public or private schools don’t address the educational needs of their children.

Shannon — IndED Mom
IndED assisted us in teaching our 13-year-old last year when she was being difficult and we needed someone else to be the face of responsibility.  The program wasn’t just academic, but they focused on the students being good stewards with their talents and time.  As busy parents, we appreciated that students and teachers were able to interact easily throughout the week and there was no question of what was expected from the students.  We are glad of the time she spent at IndED and would recommend it to anyone looking for assistance in their virtual or homeschooling scenario.

Eric — IndED Dad
Our daughter’s experience with IndED was wonderful! The small class size meant that she could really engage with the instructors to explore different subjects. Also, we appreciated the ability to tailor her learning experience to cover core subjects important to us (her parents) while allowing her to get more immersive in the areas she was really passionate about. Highly recommended for anyone who wants their child to have a unique and rewarding learning experience!

Max — IndED Student
I always enjoyed attending IndED and never complained when it was a day I attended the school. Loved the teachers and the subjects I was learning. I did not feel intimated or I did not ever feel bad when I didn’t understand something in math. Miss the friends and teachers at IndED.

Tammy — IndED Mom
IndEd offered my boys the opportunity to learn through enrichment classes custom to their interests like coding, cooking and yoga. They supported each child at their level and with a learning approach appropriate for their age and academic abilities.

Amy — IndED Mom
I can’t say enough things out IndED Academies. My son has done several classes here. Mr. Butch and his team do a great job with all the kids.

Alex — IndED Dad
I can’t express the joy of seeing him finally be able to enjoy having a childhood and to progress both socially and educationally. Our son has a sense of self worth that had always eluded him before you came into our lives. I wanted to make sure to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for him as well as the other students.

Daniela — IndED Mentor
I am a personal chef and I was lucky enough to be asked to cooperate with a project that IndED did with their students, in the food/cooking area. I was impressed by how involved these kids were in the hands-on activity they had worked on with their teacher for quite some time, and how proud they were to show me their newly acquired competency and skills. I loved every minute of the time I spent with these highly motivated kids.

Community Partners

These Organizations/People have been instrumental in helping IndED maintain a balanced, community-driven program with different experts and educators in their field:


Local Chef, Daniela Williams has done in person and distance learning cooking classes.

The Catoctin School of Music

Catoctin School of Music is a top-notch music school in Leesburg, Owner Wayne Estes combines music and tech in fascinating ways!

Hard Work Martial Arts



Charles McDowell is a master in Martial Arts, but also has mastered teaching character and virtue to kids.


Marcia Malloy

Marcia Malloy, creator of KidArtz is an engaging and experienced teacher of drawing, painting, and a variety of 3d Projects

CoderSchool Ashburn, VA

The teachers at CoderSchool, Ashburn excel at teaching kids the “why” of things, and not just the “how.”

StageCoach Theatre Company

StageCoach has a number of programs for kids, from acting, to improv, to theatre production.


Brigitta White is a talented children’s Yoga instructor who compassionately helps with the zen and focus of our students.

Gamepoint Athletics

Gamepoint Athletics puts together fantastic Physical Education programs which focus on gaining confidence and character through athletics.

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