Civics and Community — Winter 2017-2018


“Civics and Community” is divided into three 12-week courses on history, citizenship, government, entrepreneurship, community service, and communication skills.

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The “Civics and Community” program offers children a deeper understanding of American Government, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Community engagement and civic (and civil) discourse through creative and fun experiences with opportunities to engage in the community at large with their projects.

WINTER 2017-2018 COURSE OUTLINE (More detail to come)

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia Government structure (Visit to Richmond in January!)
  • Entrepreneurship/Business Plan
  • Community Service Project
  • Basic Economics — Needs and Wants, Money, Supply and Demand
  • Live: We’ll have visitors from local government and take short field trips downtown to interact with one of our local governments, businesses and non-profits.


  • Age Range: 8-12 (approx. 3rd to 6th grade)
  • Schedule: Every Tuesday from 1pm to 2:30pm
  • Supplies: All supplies will be provided as part of the course, but there could be a nominal fee for any field trips which involve admissions.

*IMPORTANT: Please provide as much information about your child as you can during checkout: name, age, interests, etc.