Thinking Like a Scientist – Spring 2019


“Thinking Like a Scientist” for Homeschoolers is an exploration of scientific thinking and reasoning, touching on all the categories of science: Life, Astronomy, and Physics. The Spring Program will focus on: Many topics will be explored while students learn the basics of The Science Project and Presentation Skills.

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Winter 2018-2019 COURSE DESCRIPTION — “The Scientific Method and Experimentation”

Children have a natural curiosity and when a cabinet as large as the universe is opened to them to explore, their interest in science and its related disciplines will explode!

Today many children are not challenged or lose interest in science – and in learning – because they have to contend with large classroom environments and complicated schedules, are bombarded with too much irrelevant information, and are exposed to stress levels that are not conducive to healthy learning.

The result?   Their curious nature, recognizable when they enthusiastically pour out a zillion questions, is squashed.   Ainissa Ramirez makes this point in a recent Edutopia article:

“. . .  something happens as children get older. That curious nature fades, and those  “why” questions grow silent.  Students no longer feel that it’s OK to ask questions.  Somehow, they fail to remember that they started off curious.  They fail to remember  their inner scientists.”    (Source:

At IndED, things are different.  A comfortable, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere provides the backdrop for serious learning.  Our highly-experienced team of professional teacher-mentors begin by getting to know your personal goals for your child, what your child’s academic needs are, and thoughtfully create a personal knowledge construct from which your learner can expand on his/her existing knowledge — all in a highly collaborative environment enriched with lively lectures and conversation, research, writing and other activities, very cool demonstrations, projects, hands-on lab exploration, field trips and guest speakers that will engage and entice your child to become a life-time master student in any discipline.  Most importantly, they love children and sharing their expertise with the next generation.

**For 8 to 15 year olds, the IndED Science program can serve as your child’s entire science course or as a supplement to what your child is learning in a home-based academic environment.    The 2018-2019 School Year will focus on the Scientific Method and Experimentation. The Fall explores Design Processes and Project Management.  In the Winter (Dec 2018-Feb 2019), Project Development and Research, and in Spring 2019 (Mar-May), Science Project and Presentation Skills idea that is meaningful to them.**


  • Age Range: 8-15 (approx. 3rd to 9th grade)
  • Schedule: Beginning March 7, every Thursday from 2pm to 3:30pm, 11 weeks, ending May 23 (Off April 18, Spring Break)
  • Course Cost: $275 includes most science supplies
  • Supplies: (Details as we get closer)


Helena Syska has thirty years of experience in education, consulting and corporate training. She loves teaching, mentoring and inspiring others to love learning. She graduated from George Mason University and her graduate work is from George Washington University. She established an award-winning science program and STEM initiatives and served on various committees while teaching for the Diocese of Arlington.

Helena has served as an adjunct lecturer at Northern Virginia Community College, as academic dean for a career school and held the position of Executive Director of the Loudoun Education Foundation which she took through the visioning and goal setting process. In the capacity of Vice President of Academic Affairs, she worked for regional accreditation and degree-conferring status for what is now Stratford University. Helena represented the Sterling District on the Loudoun County Planning Commission for three terms and has been involved in many initiatives in her community, earning her several awards. She and her husband have raised five children in Sterling, VA and spend their time between Loudoun and Richmond, VA.

Helena mentors our “Thinking Like a Scientist” Program , as well as acts as our Mentor for our “full-curricular” students.