The Hub

Our First Guest for March 21st was Hugh Forsythe, a two-star Air Force General, and the newest member of the Leesburg, VA, Town Council.

On April 18, our special guest was Roger Zurn, long-time Loudoun County Treasurer, who has great insight into the ins and outs of how local government is funded. The topic of the night was: “How much is too much tax?”

Our March 15 session launched Children’s Yoga, with Brigitta White! Yoga is now every other Wednesday, at the beginning of the Arts in Town Session.

On March 22nd, we visited Adam King with Dance King Studio.

May 4 – Organizing Skills and Time Management by Cathy Hoag of JP Events.

May 11 – Linda Black with LifeMark securities will host a workshop on Financial Awareness, as part of our spring, Teach Your Children Well series.

The IndED “MakerCitizen” Program lets students work in teams of three or four to create “maker” projects. Students use graph paper, circuit kits, CAD programming, Legos, and a significant amount of gray matter to work out solutions to basic problems. The students are steeped in the basics of circuits, 2D scales, 3D modeling and printing, basic circuits and electronics. Along the way they learn how to work as a team, take on problems and solve them, and then move on to developing some of their own programs and projects. Throughout, students seek to expand and improve their City, the community and the world around them.